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Whatever your goals, sound financial planning and management can
make a world of difference. We have the investment options to help you reach those goals.


MoneyMasters Unique Strategy

Utilisation of local & international professional management expertise with relevant experience & history to provide excellent returns based on your risk level.

The funds offer:

  • Geographical diversification of investments
  • Innovation to meet your needs
  • Efficiency, guaranteeing quality service

MML Growth Fund

Why it exists?

The primary investment objective of the MML Growth Fund is the long-term aggressive growth of capital from bonds


  • Primary Investments- domestic and international fixed income securities
  • A minimum holding period of ninety days is required by all investors
  • The Portfolio will be multi-currency and the assets will be recorded in Jamaican dollars, but assets will be held in a mix of currencies.
  • The minimum investment is Jamaican Fifty Thousand Dollars (J$50,000.00) or its equivalent
  • Mechanism established for purchase & encashment in USD

MML MoneyBuilder Fund

Why it exists?

To provide competive growth and liquidity to investments.


  • Primary Investments- Sovereign bonds, Investments Grade Corporates and other Corporate Issues.
  • The Portfolio will be reccorded in United States Currency holding global & domestic assets
  • Low to modrate risks
  • The minimum investment is Unites States One Hundred Dollars (US$100.00)
  • Offers investors growth. safety and attractive returns
  • Provides geographic diversification
  • Inflationary Hedge
  • Provide Liquidity
  • Tax Free*

*Conditions Apply

NAV Prices

As at July 18, 2019

Mutual Funds Fund Composition NAV Price 12 Months Growth Rate % Cal YTD Inc. Yield (Estimated Yearly Income)
MML Growth Fund (JA$) F 1.0465 - 4.65% -
MML MoneyBuilder Fund (US$) F 1.0588 - 5.88% -

Legend: F- Fixed Income, ○– Tax Free! (special conditions apply)

How to purchase units in the MML Funds?

Download and complete the following forms:

Credit JCSD Trustee bank account with proceeds
Return completed forms along with proof of deposit to MML

Available Through:

  • MoneyMasters Limited
  • Infiniti Capital Limited (Kingston and MontegoBay)

* Conditions apply